About me

Hi. My name is Daniela and it’s my blog. I’m a girl who adores books and a person who wants to talk about them. I can’t imagine my life without stories and the beautiful unreal world that makes you crazy. Reading is my passion and I enjoy talking about this. If you also love books as I am then you understand my feelings of wanting to discuss books, this feeling when you want to talk just about a new novel that you just have read now. This blog is for people who like reading and can’t imagine their life without this.

I believe that books make our lives better, help our mental health, and make us more sensitive and human. I want that people read, it because it clearly improves our civilization, and makes us human.

I like different types of literature; therefore I want to talk about different styles in literature. That’s why I start with fiction books and plan to expand the list of topics. On this site, you find recommendations in such themes: new fiction and best books of fiction. I’m going to write a review on 1 book per month. And of course, I am going to write recommendations about the greatest fiction books, top authors, etc.

If you like books as much as I do, then join me, and let’s discuss your favorite books on our website “Book`s Power”.