Fiction book recommendation – books that changed my life

This fiction book recommendation is among my top books that changed my life. I think these books are great, and if you are searching for a new book to read, this list can be interesting for you.

The Road Back by Erich Maria Maria Remarque

My first fiction book recommendation is “The Road Back” by Erich Maria Maria Remarque. Erich Maria Maria Remarque is a German novelist who wrote many books about war and the effects of war. I think that Remarque is one of the most famous creators in the world in the genre of realism.  “The Road Back” is clearly called that because it is about the road back after the war. There is a story that describes friends who came back to civilian life after the First World War. Despite the many tragedies in this book, there is also a lot of love. Love to people, love to country, love to land. What is patriotism? Can we find patriotism in specific songs? Or maybe it’s something different? This is a difficult book, but at the same time, it is a perfect book for self-improvement. If you are searching for a deep and socially realistic book, then I would recommend this novel.

Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes

I included this book in my fiction book recommendation because it is one of my favorites. Actually, it is not a book; it is a short story about a guy with mental illness. The main character has a clearly low intellectual level. But due to some experiments, his intellect grows, and his personal inner world changes. I am not intend to describe the full story; if you want to know, you can read it or find it on Wiki. I just described how I feel about this story and why it is in my fiction book recommendation.

In my opinion, Flowers for Algernon is about humanity. What is being human? What is the difference between mammals and mankind? Daniel Keyes described our personal growth and changes, showing us how our world can be changed by small biological facts. Despite our belief in something more than this world, we depend on our biological and physical substances, such as the brain. Another part of this book is about “a fool’s paradise”. 

The main protagonist lives in a fool’s paradise, doesn’t see a lot of mess around him, and is happy. But when his life changed, his paradise was also broken. I think this is the saddest idea in the story and the most brilliant.

Les Miserables (The Outcasts) by Victor Hugo

One of my fiction book recommendations because this book changed me as a woman. I adore this book and hate all the movies about it. Reason? Because this book is huge, there are many stories, philosophical topics, and words that moviemakers usually lose in their scenarios.  Les Miserables is a novel with a lot of compassion. The text also has text about women, who have to work as prostitutes and suffer because of this. This was the first classic book I read where the author said that prostitutes exist just because men sponsor them. 

It is a book about women, their rights, their lives, and their love. This part made this book for me close to accepting me as I am. I have never forgotten my feelings after reading this book. I got the understanding that I like to be born a woman, despite everything that has happened in my life. It is what makes this book for me.

That’s why I highly recommend reading this book.

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