Review of the “Beartown” by Fredrik Backman

“Beartown” is one of the sad and at the same time optimistic books, which I read last year. I’m writing this review and I’m crying, because it still hurts my soul. It is one of the books that make you reconsider all your vision and experience before.

This book made me cry like a child. The last page of the book breaks me inside into small pieces, because this book is about me too. I adore this book. And I recommend it to everyone to read! Definitely! Why? I’ll try to explain further.

The Plot of the book

Briefly about the plot. The main plot is built around the players of a hockey team. The team is trying to rise to the top in the upcoming competition, which could bring money to the city of Beartown. But Beartown is not as simple as it may seem, and events unfold accordingly.

So why do I recommend “Beartown”?

Because it is about violence.

Violence that we tolerate.

Violence that we turn a blind eye to.

Violence that we often justify.

We close our eyes and ears when we hear about such things.

“Why bother with complicated things if it doesn’t bother me?”. I heard this thinking so many times. But in reality, this is an illusion that will not save any of us from violence.

Because countries and worlds are not formed by themselves. They are built by people. Many different people and families who ultimately create the countries that then start aggressive wars. Because violence always starts with the family. Therefore, from the very beginning, violence should not be tolerated or justified. That’s why we need to fight against this and don’t close our eyes when we see terrible shit around.

And no, I’m not talking about self-defense or situations where people have no choice. I’m talking about situations where people make a conscious choice. Therefore “Beartown” is exactly what you need to read.

That’s why “Beartown” has become one of my favorites. Living in an imperfect world, I believe that we can change. We can live in a better world and build safety society everywhere.

So, if you’re looking for something good to read, my recommendation is “Beartown” by Bakman. I won’t give any negatives because I believe it’s one of the best contemporary books out there. I adore the author’s style, the method of describing events, and the depth of the book.

I highly recommend “Beartown” for reading.

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