Book Review: Anxious people by Fredrik Backman

Briefly about the plot

Anxious People is about an inept bank robber who ran from the police in panic and took hostages in the apartment. This robber is not successful in this life, but, as we can understand, this person is apparently not good at the robbery business either.

  • What happens to them inside?
  • Did the hostages run from this robber?
  • Will they survive, or will we have to read the drama?
  • Who is the anxious person?
  • Would they save people from robber?

My emotions about “Anxious People”

This story is certainly funny and sad, and in some moments, you may not know if to cry or laugh. At the beginning of the “Anxious People”, there is so much chaos from the main character in the book, but Backman has this talent to open the protagonist and all characters for you. You open every person in this book with the next new page as if you just met this human in real life. The reader can listen to every situation with empathy and be involved in the lives of these hostages and the bank robber. This story is heartbreaking, touching, and wonderful in describing our furious lives. The book is about the hardest and most unstable period of life, where there are still so many reasons to fight for your dignity and life. I would describe my emotions about this book as “laughter through tears”.

I would rather recommend reading this book, especially if you are on a difficult path in your life now. This book certainly helps you find the power to fight for life and the immortal value of this existence.

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